SURGI ZYME – Enzymatic Liquid Detergent


SURGI ZYME - Enzymatic Liquid Detergent

SURGI ZYME – Enzymatic Liquid Detergent

  • SURGI ZYME (Enzymatic) Patented formula
  • First tri-enzyme liquid detergent with disinfecting properties
  • Especially developed for collecting of soiled instrumentation: no crossed contamination.


  • Reinforced cleaning and pre-disinfection of medico-surgical instrumentation, medical devices and endoscopic equipment.
  • Cleaning in ultrasonic bins.
  • Collecting of soiled instrumentation.


  • First enzymatic liquid detergent with disinfecting properties.
  • Tri-enzymecomplex: protease, lipase, amylase, combined with surfactants
    Proved efficacy (DCP*)
  • Chlorine free formulation: no oxidization of materials.
  • Aldehyde free formulation: no fixation of proteins.
  • Stability of soaking bath: 8 hours (operating working day).
  • Enzymatic stability proved.
  • Neutral pH: compatible with alloys.
  • Absence of chloride (ammonium propionate): non corrosive effect with materials.
  • Compatible with ultra-sonic process.
  • Clear liquid, blue perfumed


  1. 0.5 % dilution: Pour a 25 ml dose in 5 litres of cold or tepid water.
  2. Totally immerse the medical device. Advised soaking Time: 5 minutes. Brush when necessary. For endoscopic equipment: brush channels.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with tap water (of good Microbiological properties) For endoscopic equipment: both internal and external part of the medical device.
  4. Dry with a clean towel. Proceed to the next step (see protocol established by the service).

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