Assunyl (Nylon) – Surgical Suture – Benang Bedah


Assunyl – Surgical Suture – Benang Bedah

Assunyl NYLON – Non-absorbable synthetic surgical suture (Benang bedah sintetis tidak dapat diserap tubuh) – Polyamide monofilament. The smooth and uniform surface facilitates the passage through the fabric with minimal trauma. Well tolerated by the body.

COMPOSITION : Polyamide 6 or polyamide 6.6, Mechanical and physical characteristics do not change much in the two types of polyamide.
DESCRIPTION : :`Synthetic non-absorbable monofilament suture,
COLOUR : Black (Logwood Black C.I. 75290).
SIZES AND STANDARD NEEDLES : EP from 0,1 to 4; USP from 11/0 to 1. Assunyl is attached to AISI 300 or AISI 400 stainless steel atraumatic needles.
INDICATIONS : In general surgery, ophthalmic surgery, plastic surgery.

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