Assugut (Plain) – Surgical Suture – Benang Bedah


Assugut (Plain) – Surgical Suture – Benang Bedah

Assugut Surgical Suture (Benang Bedah). Composition: Collagen produced from the small intestine serosa of cattle coming from recognized BSE free areas.
Description : Twisted natural absorbable suture.
Colour : Straw-coloured yellow.
Sizes and standard needles : EP from 1 to 8; USP from 6/0 to 4; Assugut is attached to AISI 420 or CARPENTER 455 stainless steel atraumatic needles.
Tensile strength : Effective loss of the tensile strength between 5 and 10 days. However, such values are indicative because the product may not react in a homogeneous way and in vivo absorption time may beinfluenced by several factors, i.e. in the case of infections, high levels of liquids and proteolytic enzymes.
Absorption : Complete in about 60 days.
Indications : In all fields of general and specialistic surgery (in particular in urologic surgery), when a short-term absorbable suture is required.

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