AHANVOS Pencil Cauter

Ahanvos Pencil Cauter

AHANVOS Pencil Cauter

AHANVOS Pencil Cauter and Electro Surgical Unit Brochure (PDF) can be downloaded here and here

Product Description

  • Disposable Electrosurgical ESU pencil, Cautery pencil
  • Categories: Surgical apparatus

Electrosurgical Unit Pencil

  • Universal standard connectors which can be compatible with varioius brands Electrosurgical units
  • Light weight ergonomic streamlined body outer design; slip-proof.
  • Unique 3-step assemble of the body inner structure, more water-resistant;
  • Strong inner copper core cable ensures the pencil with excellent safety and conductivity
  • Sterilization packing, 7cm stainless steel standard blade electrode tip, 3m long cable, 3-pin connector; reusable one can guaranteed 50 times recycle use

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